Clifford Woods

Born in Belize, at the time named British Honduras, in Central America. He grew up with white sandy beaches; swimming is raging rivers and playing “hide and seek” in Mayan Ruins.

He is a writer and a Personal & Business Adviser. After high school, Clifford spent about 15 years studying the intricacies of organizations and businesses in the US and other countries and became a consultant. He consulted companies and individuals to stellar results all over the world (USA, Canada, Sudan, South Africa, Belize), and mainly in Europe and finally settled down in the United Kingdom, and eventually moved back to the USA. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management – Administration(Equiv).

He loves working with and helping people and writing.  He is passionate about business and solving “unsolvable” problems, and enjoys unraveling difficult situations.As one individual he assisted recently stated:

“Clifford is the most logical and solution-oriented person I have ever met. He analyzes every situation properly and designs what is needed to resolve it, and it works!”

In between helping and giving advice, he has written and published several Science Fiction Short Stories and a manual on the business of Liquidating Consumer Products. He continues to write in his spare time.


was introduced to Clifford Woods over 12 years ago, by a close friend who knew I was in need of an advisor.  From that time to now, Cliff has been the most stable and consistent person in my life, and is now, of course, also one of my closest friends.

There is no situation that I have taken to Cliff, during this time, where he has not been able to; 1) help me understand what I am truly dealing with, and the underlying cause of it, and 2) formulate a plan to handle the situation and turn it to how I want it to be.  This applies both to my business and personal lives.

One of the things that I enjoy most about working with Cliffy is that, although he holds the position of advisor for me, he has never once tried to push his opinion on me.  Now that may seem contradictory, but it actually isn’t.  What he does is listen very closely to what you want to address then, he waits for you to ask for help with it, and then he offers his insight (which is more pinpoint to the actual source of the problem than anyone I have known).

He always follows that with “My advice would be…” and then ends with “…but you should do what you think is best for you,” and “…have fun!”  He also doesn’t invade areas of your life that you have yet to invite him into.  Take the subject of producing more efficiently so as to generate more income for example; it’s only about 4 years ago that I finally asked him for his advice in this area.  Stupid, I know.

But with the courses, he advised my wife and me to take, and his guidance in then applying that information, I have multiplied my yearly pay over twelve times and have the statistics to prove it (see above).  I’ve even taken to giving seminars myself on producing more and generating more income now so that I can pay it forward in helping others to turn this area of their life around.

It is this utter lack of any attempt to bypass my own determinism that I find to be perhaps Cliff’s most valuable trait.  And that I feel is missing from many other advisors.  Cliff seems to hold my self-determinism as the most vital point from which he formulates all of the rest of his advice.  And from that, I have become more and more able and certain of my own ideas and abilities to face any problem and to create and reach my goals.

I can honestly say that there is no area of my life now that Cliffy has not influenced for the better with his kindness and insight.  From personal to business every area is expanding in the positive directions that I would like for them to go in.

Do yourself a favor, have a chat with Cliffy.  I have sent numerous friends to him over the years, and, without exception, each has told me that his insight and help has helped them dramatically.


Cliff and “what’s happening in my life.”

For as long as I can remember I have not been the success that I know that I can be and put it down to all sorts of items, which I had happily listed.  Of course, they did not resolve, and I ended up more confused.

With Cliff’s capable handling of the various technologies he has at his fingertips, he quickly led me through a quagmire.  I am very good at shooting off down many lanes at the same time, and he ably kept me on the straight and narrow.

We found something which was the exact right thing but, of course; I had to go through some soul searching to face up to this stuff in the real universe. I went through lots of deep emotions while working through it.

There is a program to move on forward, but at least this time I know it is based on the real reason things were snarled up. I am already running very fast with a new viewpoint.  It is not without pain, but I now have the answer!

Cliff’s application of the technologies he uses, which I am well trained in but of course have failed to apply to myself, was not only the correct technology for the situations we were going through but also the speed with which it was used was incredible.

I would recommend that anyone who is not doing as well as he feels in life must see Cliff.  What happened to me in just an hour is something I have wanted to get handled and have spent many hours, days, weeks, and months attempting to manage. Cliff helped me get a handle on it.

J. M-G.