Is it Tough to be an Executive?

By Clifford Woods <>

Have you ever thought of becoming an executive but the idea of it turned you off completely?  Perhaps you had bad experiences with one or saw that some executives you knew had a tough time of it in that position and that you would never want to put yourself through that.

An executive is not as scary as it sounds.

It is simply a senior manager or a person who makes significant decisions.

Who does not make decisions every day of their life?  Moreover, would you not consider those important, as they, I am sure, are made that affect your life, your lifestyle and your immediate surroundings?

Who also, does not manage on a regular basis, a bank account, a car, household, a schedule, and so on?

So maybe you did not know this, but you are already an executive!

Taking that life experience into a working activity, whether it is a job, a social club or the PTA (Parent Teachers Association) is invaluable.  Truth be told, no one is a novice at this skill.

If you do the above things well, then it is only a matter of expanding on that for your area of interest.

If it concerns a job, then you will be senior over the employees in that company.  If you enable them to manage their regions well (just as you do), so that as a whole the group makes forward progress, then again you are an executive.  Moreover, a successful one at that!

One might also see an executive working very long hours while the employee punches out on the time clock exactly when his eight hours are up.  One should not assume that this is necessarily a bad thing, though, as maybe the executive enjoys the work so does not mind.  However, possibly also he is simply not managing his employees well enough, and then their job rolls back up on his plate to redo or to ensure completion to make certain deadlines.

However, if you do it well, you will find rewards in managing anything.  Then you can increase those rewards by just doing more of it.

I say that because I found when I looked up the actual word of “manage” in a dictionary (these are from Macmillan Dictionary), the word “succeed” is in some way, shape or form in every single definition!

See below for what I am speaking of:

  1. to succeed in doing somethingespecially something that needs a lot of effort or skill
  2. to succeed in doing something annoying or wrong
  3. to succeed in doing something that you do not really want to do
  4. to succeed in eating or drinking something
  5. to deal successfully with a problem or difficult situation
  6. to deal successfully with a person or animal whose behavior is difficult
  7. to deal successfully with an emotion or feeling so that it does not cause a problem
  8. to organize and control the work of a companyorganizationor group of people

So I hope in reading this that your viewpoint has changed of being an executive from viewing it as only a scary, terrible and non-rewarding activity to a rewarding activity in which you absolutely can succeed!

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