Top Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter – Part 2

By Clifford Woods <> Let’s face it.  Twitter has become much more than a social media tool.

Businesses use it also for marketing, promotion, etc.  Where can you go wrong if you have a million followers?

Here is Part 2 of some very key ways to get more followers for you on Twitter.

Ask questions

One great way to add followers is to get people engaged so they’ll send you a tweet back. There’s no better way to get people to respond than to pose questions. Facebook quizzes have shown that people are willing to respond to even the silliest of public opinion polls. So throw some questions on your Twitter and see if you can get people talking. Ask what people’s favorite TV show is or who should win American Idol. If there’s a hot news item, poll your followers. For instance, in May 2009 the swine flu grabbed headlines all over the world. Simply asking “Are you worried about swine flu?” on your Twitter could generate hundreds of responses from your followers. Each response is then seen by anyone who is following the responder, and that’s a great way to increase your Twitter traffic.

Link to interesting sites

It’s easy to get mired down with mundane posts when you’re using Twitter. Detailing what you had for breakfast may be fun for your family and close friends, but it’s not a good way to get or retain followers. But linking to interesting articles or Web sites is. Many Web sites and blogs are nothing more than a collection of links to the most fascinating, unusual or groundbreaking information on the Internet. The Website is just one example of sites that are simply large collections of Web recommendations. If you spend some time scouring these sites and others like it, and you make a habit of twittering about the cool stuff you find, you’ll become a reliable source of information about the latest and greatest the Web has to offer — a great way to gain followers.

Develop a niche

One sure way to get some followers is to get specific about what you want to accomplish with your tweets. Random tweets about everything under the sun can get you some followers, but having a more targeted audience in mind and playing to those followers is a better approach. If you have a lot of knowledge about something, anything, then go with that. Take knitting, for example. If you’re a whiz with the yarn, make that your focus, call yourself an expert in the craft of knitting and run with it. It may be a smaller subset you’re going after, but if you can become the foremost “Twitterer” on knitting, then you’re bound to get some followers. Go to knitting Web sites and message boards and post answers to some of the most frequently posted questions. Respond to each and every inquiry you get, and before you know it, you’ll be a Twitter expert and have more followers than you can shake a knitting needle at.

Repeat yourself

This one may surprise you. You’d think that posting something more than once would only aggravate your followers. But if you’re an avid tweeter, then chances are, your followers may not be reading each and every tweet you send out — especially if you have disobeyed tip number nine and posted outside of peak hours. Repeat your best and most informative tweets several times during the day and see if you get an increase in followers. Who is reading your posts at the time can make all the difference in the world. Let’s say you posted about a cool new iPhone application, and nobody said much. Twitter it again eight hours later, and your luck may change. Don’t overuse this method though. You do not want to become known for posting only repeat messages.

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