Top Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter – Part 1

By Clifford Woods <> Let’s face it.  Twitter has become much more than a social media tool.

Businesses use it also for marketing, promotion, and so on.  Where can you go wrong if you have a million followers?

Here are some very fundamental ways to get more followers for you on Twitter.

Create a good avatar

This suggestion is for aesthetic purposes, but having an avatar that looks unprofessional will only serve to make you appear unprofessional, and that is no way to increase the number of people following you. Since the avatar is merely a small picture to represent you, work within those means. In other words, don’t try and squeeze in a picture of you and Mount Rushmore in the background or you in a room with your 14 cats.

The point is for someone to see your face, so stick to that for best results. Make sure you crop the photo because it will end up being about the size of a quarter. Here’s another tip, upload a large image (450 by 450 pixels) to send to Twitter and let them shrink it for you. This way, if someone wants to zoom in and enlarge your image, it will not be a pixilated mess.

Now that you have a nice, professional looking avatar, people will never be confused again about who you are or what you look like.

Tweets during peak hours

How can you expect anyone to follow you if he or she is asleep? Sending messages, or twittering, during peak hours gives you the best opportunity to be seen, or, rather, read. Moreover, that gives you better odds of someone enjoying whatever messages you are sending out and signing up as a follower.

So what are the peak hours? There haven’t been any studies performed yet, but the Washington, D.C. based Internet marketing firm Abraham & Harrison have done some Webinars along with Twitter and confirmed that 9 a.m., noon, 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. see heavy use.

It is also an opportunity for you to experiment with your tweets and see when you are getting the best response. If you do find that between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. in the United States, either East or West Coast time, gets you much traffic and you live elsewhere in the world, then you should structure your tweets around this schedule. It may not be the most convenient time for you, but if you are interested in gaining followers, you need to be around when the bulk of Twitter users are around.

Create a compelling profile bio

Unless you are already famous (and even if you are), creating a valid bio entry is an excellent way to attract followers. Nobody wants to follow someone whose bio reads, “I am just a couch potato with a lot to say” or “I love ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and that says it all.” No, it does not say it all.

Be creative, witty and intelligent when writing your bio. You want, to sum up, who you are in a short space, too, so don’t go overboard with the prose. This is also a good place to plant URLs to any other sites you are looking to promote, such as your Facebook page or a blog landing page.

However, don’t only include those links. A good mix of apt self-description combined with your other links is a good bet to get people interested in what you have to say. If you feel like you cannot sum up who you are, find a famous quote that does it for you. Someone might just be intrigued by your Timothy Leary or Ben Franklin quotation and give your account a second look.

Send “@Messages” to Top Users

One good way to get noticed is to send something called a “@message” to top Twitter users. Here’s how it works. If you and your friend both have Twitter accounts and you both follow each other, you can send direct messages to each other that aren’t for public consumption. However, you can also send “@messages” to anyone you want, whether you follow them or not, or they follow you or not. Got that?

Here’s where it gets good, a “@message” is posted on your profile page for all to see. So if you wanted to send a “@message” to top Twitter user actor Ashton Kutcher, anybody visiting your profile would see it. Good luck getting Mr. Kutcher to send a tweet back to you, but that is not the point. However, if he does feel the urge to re-tweet your message — or broadcast it to all his followers — 17.9 million people will see it (as of March 2017), then you are in luck!

Continued in part II…

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