Welcome to my Personal and Business Adviser site. Please take a moment to look around. Feel free to get in touch with me (contact page) if you have any questions.  I am always happy to hear from you.

Personal Advice:  I provide advice on practical matters and personal problems.  I am not a doctor or lawyer of any kind.  So, I do not give advice on legal, medical or tax matters.

I can and will talk to anyone for you about anything and help resolve any personal difficulties you may be having. All Initial Consultations & Advice are free of charge.

Business Advice:  All businesses have seven main functions that must be cared for:

  1. The business has to hire and discipline where necessary and terminate employees at some point in time (Personnel).
  2. All business has to market and sell its products or services to survive (Sales and Marketing).
  3. Businesses must collect its income pays bills and keep accurate financial records as well as take care the assets of the business (Finance).
  4. Production of products or delivery of services is essential if a business is to do well (Production).
  5. Quality Control of what is produced as well as the organization as a whole is a vital necessity if a business is to prosper (Quality Control).
  6. A business has to get NEW CUSTOMERS to sell and deliver to (New Business).
  7. And,  finally but by no means the least; someone has to run it (Supervisory or Executive).

I am well versed in all these and can help. All initial consultations and advice are free of charge,  Get in touch; I can help.