Services & Testimonials

Newsletter/Newspaper Setup:

Want a regular newsletter or newspaper for your business?  I can set one up for you and it can maintain itself when established.  See sample here!

Book Writing and Publishing:

Do you have a book you have been thinking about getting done for a while?  Need some help?  I can help with that.  See some samples of the books I have written here.

Personal/Business Advice:

My personal belief is that there are no problems that cannot be solved. No difficulties that cannot be clarified and or improved in some way and that there is always a logical and honest way out of most any situations one may get into in life.  Let me know how I can help.


“I’ve been struggling along for about 7 years now.  Most of that time I wasn’t even aware of the situation.  Over the past yea, I could not help but notice my teeth getting kicked in, the taste of the dirt on the street and the fact that I was not moving.

During my appointment with Cliff he helped me spot a few things.  One of those brightened the whole place up.  I felt good.  I felt I had an answer.  I felt that this did explain what had happened to me and WHY.  That felt good.  Really good.

Then Cliff went on to draw out a program for me to get on.  Just like that I was ready to go.  I had something I could do.  Something that made sense.  It was a great simple and powerful thing and I thank Cliff for his help and time.  I am ready to get right onto this handling and start moving forward again.” DG